Foreign Beers

As well as our UK beers, we also have a dedicated foreign beer bar at the festival, bringing a selection of beers from around the world. Click here to go back to the UK beers.

Brewery Beer ABV % Style Country
ABK Dunkel 5.0 Dunkel (Dark lager) Germany
ABK Fels Pilsner 4.2 Pilsner lager Germany
ABK Hefeweizen 5.3 Heffenweisen (wheat) Germany
ABK Helles 5.0 Spetziel beer Germany
Anchor Steam California Common 4.8 California Common USA
Bacchus Kriek 5.8 Cherry fruit Belgium
Basqueland Meet me half way 6.2 IPA (Citra, Mosaic, Equinot) Spain
Cigar city Guayabera 5.5 Citra pale USA
Dupont Saison 6.5 Saison Belgium
La Trappe Dubbel 7.0 Trappist Dubbel Netherlands
OO Brewing Zymologic 7.0 West Coast IPA Sweden
Schofferhofer Grapefruit raddler 2.5 Raddler Germany
Stone with Ghost Berliner Weisse 4.7 Berliner Weiss USA
Timmerman Strawberry Lambic 4.0 Strawberry IPA Belgium
Uiltje Looney Liberty Llama 3.2 Strawberry fruit Netherlands

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